About The Book

Change Your Mind Change Your Business:
How To Think Differently & Successfully About Managing Change

People are often hurt by change in organizations. Incredible potential is left untouched.

Change management frequently creates more upset than positive growth. Why? The world of change management is characterized by myths, symptoms, and complex theories compounding to confuse leaders and followers alike.

But change can be fun and simple! This book sheds new light on managing change, focusing on the simple processes that define successful transformation. In Change Your Mind Change Your Business you’ll learn to effectively and inclusively shape the future of yourself, your organization, and your society.

If you’re a leader and you want to discover:

• How the old advice, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and doing nothing can unexpectedly and dangerously transform your business

• Why “Change Management” is so overrated

• How the history of medieval knights continues to secretly influence the success of your business today

• Why a sense of urgency is your hidden foe rather than friend in managing change

• How to ensure you achieve the right result and don’t end up with a bicycle if the change you desire is a new car

• What the true meaning and success of Co-Creation is

then get the answers in this book.

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About The Cover

The suit of armor pictured on the cover of Change Your Mind, Change Your Business was a deliberate metaphorical choice. The armor represents the level of insulation and desired protection organizations put around themselves in their effort to avoid pain. The author has witnessed many organizations in such an armored state.

The problems with adopting such a suit of armor for your organization are many: it slows you down, so you are less agile; you are only effective in certain situations, and definitely ineffective in many others such as in water or having to move quickly uphill. The armor metaphor goes even further, and is explained in full detail in Change Your Mind Change Your Business.

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