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Paul Brand Interview by Gemba Academy

Paul Brand Interview: lean and six sigma training organization Gemba Academy interviewed change management expert Paul Brand on how to improve your business with change management.

Far from being solely an upper management tool, Paul Brand explains how change management can be a conscious creator of your reality. You can have much more influence and control in your work environment than you likely suspect.

Paul Brand Interview

Gemba Academy’s Ron Pereira interviewed Paul Brand on the transformative managing of change. You can listen to the interview right here:

If you want to listen to the Paul Brand interview on Gemba Academy’s site, click here.

The Paul Brand interview shares:

  • What change management is and why it matters
  • Why Paul wrote his book, Change Your Mind, Change Your Business
  • The link between change management and lean
  • The biggest problems Paul Brand sees with change management
  • What “Respect for People” means to Paul, and can mean for you
  • How to effectively use change management to create the work environment you desire.

You can get Paul’s book, Change Your Mind, Change Your Business, on Amazon/Kindle.

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